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What a long strange trip it’s been. Growing up in the 60’s definitely had it’s perks. I was too young to be part of the “summer of love” first hand but old enough to get a good contact buzz…and Love I do, Love is the answer, Love is All You Need, Love is…and music…there’s that. It’s been awesome to experience so many beginnings…e.g. with The Beatles, Brown & Franklin, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, GnR, Ramones, Disco, Punk, New Age, Modern, Grunge, all the phases of Jazz, Miles to Botti, Country, Rhythm and Blues, Delta Blues, World Music, Electronic, Hip Hop, Dance, Trance, Drum and Bass etc. etc. All the great artists I've seen come and sadly go…Janis, Hendrix, Bowie, Whitney Houston, Prince… Music is very important to me…and there's Skiing…Remember when there was plenty of snow every year and often no lift lines…and books, and movies...and long walks on the beach or maybe long waits in the line up at surfer's point…ah, the sea!!...all the seas for that matter...thus travel, I love to travel and that means culture, more art and music, and food, you really do need food to live…and water, the precious element that sustains life…I do my part to save as much as I can. And love, did I mention love?

But enough about me, perhaps you’ve come to my site looking for a photographer for yourself, your band, your product or wedding, or maybe you need a logo design for a new business venture or an entire campaign to help you define and build your brand. How about a package for your product that will attract interest and drive sales? Perhaps you're in need of a printed catalog or an E-commerce website. We should develop a Social Media marketing strategy while we're at it?

Thank you for coming, I believe I can help.


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